Outdoor sculpture process

Mia Kaplan Studio offers site-specific sculpture for public and private outdoor locations. This means that clients get an original, unique work that is created in response to their dialog with the artist, making the owner or company's voice a part of the story behind the sculpture. 

"Swamp Flower". Natural 2" plate steel - Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition. New Orleans, LA.

"Swamp Flower". Natural 2" plate steel - Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition. New Orleans, LA.


Step one: consult & DESIGN 

Whether it's a prior work of Mia's that drew you in, or a concept that you know will translate well into Mia's botanical language, whatever inspiration serves as your purpose for creating this work will be the starting point for the design.

When possible, Mia visits the location of the work to determine if the project is a good fit. Clients provide a non-refundable deposit for the design phase so that she can create drawings, renderings and 3d models of proposed works for review. 

If delivery and installation services are requested, these costs will be estimated and included in a total project budget to be approved by clients before work begins.


Step Two: fabrication

Once the design is finalized, production begins as the work is checked by a structural engineer, and fabricated to scale. 

The sculpture is then loaded onto a truck to be delivered. 


Step three: Delivery & Installation

Delivery dates will be coordinated once fabrication is complete.

If you prefer, you may hire your own installation team, and will be given a preferred method of install to help guide you in safely placing your new artwork.

When you choose to have the studio arrange these services for you, delivery and installation is provided by a fully-insured company who will carefully place and install your sculpture according to the agreed upon specifications.


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