#OWNIT & #WAYSTOGROW Campaigns for Intuit Quickbooks.

On this journey, I have acquired an unexpected love of Math for the harmony it creates, and thus I love and use the new Quickbooks self-employed app to keep my business in order. I use it because it makes a lot of sense for my business type as a freelancer, and instead of sitting behind a computer, I can categorize things and even send invoices on the phone while sitting out in the woods. Really. I have done this many times.

So I suppose it isn't quite unreasonable to imagine, but a delightful happenstance that I was recently part of one of their recent campaigns for web advertising. I'm not going to write much more here, as there are now six videos. They asked me all sorts of questions about my approach to business, and how I give back to my community and balance personal life with business life. 

Just in time for tax season, right? :) Hope you enjoy them.