Our Return to Nature

As televisions become more commonplace than bonfires, our return to nature is not only inevitable, but necessary.  


Not to over-romanticize, but I can recall a time pre-internet, pre-cell phone, when it was important, if not necessary, to know how to do things from scratch. Relationships between people were limited to those truly worth the effort. Albums, collections, card catalogs and hard-bound encyclopedias; those were the days. Our tunnel vision of pre-internet days wasn't without travesty, certainly, but my point is that NOW is an important time as ever to take control. Or rather, put down the remote control, stand up, and kick your ass outside the way mom used to do. 

Collect things, learn the names of the rivers, take pictures, read in the company of trees. Gaze at the sky long enough to see a shooting star. Lay in the grass, plant something, walk somewhere. Take a chance on the unknown.  Go get some sun, or some moon.

In fact, that's how short this blog post is going to be. I'm going out now to explore! :)