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Mia Kaplan's Painting Porch at her Lacombe Studio. 

Mia Kaplan's Painting Porch at her Lacombe Studio. 

Mia Kaplan is a painter and sculptor from Southeast Louisiana. She earned a degree in Drawing and Printmaking from the Memphis College of Art, and has had her work included in many publications: Artforum, Food & Wine, Fitness Magazine, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, Country Roads Magazine, Modern Farmer, The Louisiana Review, and more. She exhibits nationally in galleries, museums, and public places. Her work is driven by an interest in transformational qualities and patterns found in nature as told through her personal process of documenting life in the marshes and swamps of her hometown, and through sculptural abstraction of natural borders, landscapes, wildflowers, and refuges. Though she began painting and selling her work at the age of fourteen, her passionate focus continues to allow her to share her unique creative spirit, love, and appreciation for life with others. 

Kaplan was born in Summit, New Jersey, and grew up in Slidell, Louisiana. Raised primarily by her mother's side, which included her mother, older brother, stepfather, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents, most of Mia's days after school were spent with her grandparents, who were Spaniards raised during the dictatorship of Franco. Both her grandfather "Poppy" and grandmother "Abuelita" experienced many painful losses early in life: both had lost their parents as teens, and lived in poverty till immigrating to the United States in the mid 1950s. Mia, consequentially, came to a foundation of understanding life through their eyes. Listening to their stories of overcoming hardship instilled a powerful sense of gratitude. 

"Living in the deep south for most of my life, I felt like sort of an outsider...I found refuge in classical piano lessons, working in my mom's beauty salon, long bike rides, my Abuelita's paella, family flamenco parties, and later as a drummer in my high school marching band, as a painter of theatrical sets in high school, and in the music scene of Memphis in art school. As an adult, my focus became on finding peace through natural observation and transformation, studying and documenting the universal connections and patterns that tie everything back together, and making work that represents my ideal for growth and humanity. As an artist, wife, and mother of two daughters, my life remains dedicated to creating an understanding, and to sharing insights about the creative process with young artists so that they might also feel empowered by their own creativity."

In 2014, Kaplan created "Life on Paper", a workshop series for ages 9 - 15, to accomplish the goal of making mentorship-based learning free to young artists in her hometown. By partnering with Northlake Nature Center, a 400-acre natural reserve, students and Kaplan discuss what it means to create a drawing, where to begin, and learn a variety of techniques in observational drawing, paper making, and collage. To register a student (class size is limited), please contact rue@northlakenature.org.

To address a demand for her work to become accessible to a wider audience, in 2016 Kaplan created Flowering Blues. The company offers handmade products such as table napkins and hand towels, and most recently began collaborating with other Louisiana artists to offer one-of-a-kind patchwork quilts and luxury handmade furniture. 

Kaplan and her husband, photographer Cedric Angeles, live in Lacombe, Louisiana.

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Portrait by Nathan Rocky

Portrait by Nathan Rocky


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